Gardner Elementary School


The City of Gardner is planning to combine its elementary school populations, currently located in the Waterford and Elm Street Schools, into a single building serving grades PK – 4.

Currently housing Gardner’s PK-1 student population, Waterford Street School was built as a middle school in 1953. Elm Street School, built as Gardner’s high school in 1926, accommodates students in grades 2-4. Both buildings suffer from undersized classrooms, aged building systems and spaces that are out of scale for the District’s youngest students. The resulting solution to build a new 145,700 SF elementary education building affords the District new opportunities and instructional efficiencies and allows the PK-4 students to enjoy a building sized just for them.

The Z-shaped building solution arranges the required square footage into three manageable volumes by grade level and with shared and community spaces in the center. Additionally, the Z-shape allows for nestling the building into the landscape most effectively. The site for the new school is off of Pearl Street and is immediately adjacent to Gardner’s Middle and High School campus. The design of a “school in the woods” enables vehicular connection to the Middle/High School campus and learning and play in this rich, natural environment.

Gardenr Elementary will begin construction in the Fall of 2020.