Holyoke Public Middle Schools

Holyoke, MA

Holyoke proposed to construct two new middle schools of roughly 106,000sf each to assure every middle school student in the city placement in a 21st century school.  The two new schools would reduce overcrowding in existing K-8 schools and would replace three older schools that have been costly to maintain.

The proposed middle schools would be efficient, L-shaped buildings overlooking south-facing terraces with new playing courts and park-like features.  The first floor would support flexibly designed media, music and workshop spaces that open onto a central learning commons.  The three grade levels above are organized into academic communities supported by project areas, breakout rooms, de-escalation spaces and academic coaching offices.

In response to a regional shortage of natural gas, the design would implement all-electric variable refrigerant heating and cooling systems. To provide a healthy and inspiring indoor learning environment, the buildings would be built with carbon sequestering cross laminated timber horizontal framing and will incorporate many unique green features.

Design for the Holyoke Middle Schools has been completed through schematic design.